Finland Based Data Center

When selecting a data center, its position will likely be one of the key factors - you can pick an allegedly excellent location, which may end up being a flood zone or even an earthquake hotspot. Or the specific country may have an unstable political climate. This is why we've selected Finland as a location for our next data center facility. This is a country with a stable political climate; it's very far away from seismic hotspots and flooding is not a factor there.

The Finnish data center is situated in a former army facility. It is located within an underground cave that is able to endure aerial attack or EMP blasts. This can basically ensure that your website will continue functioning regardless of what occurs with the outside world.

Aside from its strategic position and security features, the Finnish data center also provides amazing connectivity with the world and especially with Russia and Northern/Central Europe. It's an outstanding choice if you'd like to broaden your Internet presence in these areas and also to supply your website visitors with top-notch connection speeds.

  • Domain Names

  • .ACADEMY - $32.00/year
  • .BARGAINS - $29.99/year
  • .CAFE - $35.50/year
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Linux Shared Website Hosting in Finland

When you are looking for a genuinely risk-free shared website hosting service, then you've come to the perfect place. By having a shared website hosting account inside our Finnish data center, not only will your web site be protected against any natural disaster or an aerial assault, but you'll in addition appreciate a 99.9% service uptime as well as a 99.9% network uptime. A 24/7 technical support service backed up by a one-hour response time warranty is provided by default.

An additional advantage of hosting your site with Seasons Host - Cheap Reliable Web Hosting Solution and Services. is the fact that all of your websites and apps will get a substantial speed increase. All of our servers use really fast SSD drives offering fantastic write/read speeds and make use of a file system (ZFS), that's optimized in a way as to take advantage of all of the advantages available from the SSD drives. Also in our user-friendly Hepsia Control Panel we have included as well a set of website accelerators to even further improve the loading speed of your websites.

OpenVZ Linux VPS Web Hosting In Finland

Pick one of the OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers inside our Finland-based data center should you have a large web site, a resource-demanding application or you want to start your very own web hosting company. Housed in this subterranean data center, your server is protected against all of the natural disasters and you will benefit from a top-notch connectivity with the neighbouring North European countries and Russia.

Our OpenVZ servers have sufficient raw power for every web site. Experience huge CPU, RAM and monthly traffic quotas with each and every server, along with different complimentary bonuses.


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Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting In Finland

If you need to find a hosting solution that is both very effective and very user-friendly, then our Linux semi-dedicated hosting are definitely the answer. Housed inside our Finnish data center, they unite the effectiveness of a dedicated server (without the accompanying server administration duties) with all the user-friendliness of a regular shared website hosting account (you will be able to control a semi-dedicated server similarly to a standard hosting account when you use our intuitive Web Hosting Control Panel).

All of the Linux semi-dedicated hosting in our Finnish data center are provided with 99.9% server and network uptime guarantees. In addition, you'll take advantage of amazing connectivity with the Northern European countries and with Russia.

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  • Take advantage of a risk-free cloud website hosting service inside our Finnish data center. Enjoy a great 99.9% server uptime warranty and a really quick, 24/7 support service.
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