Solid–State Drives

Solid–state–disk–based cloud hosting servers

All our shared website hosting machines are equipped with solid–state disks instead of classic hard drives. Solid–state drives boast much faster read ’n’ write speeds, which suggests that your site will load much faster. Absolutely no further site modifications are required.

Thanks to the superb connectivity options offered by all our cloud hosting Data Centers, your web site will begin working faster the moment you turn to us.

Data Backups

Ever lost your website content? Do turn to our data backup solution

Once put on the net, your web site content is normally a potential subject to cyber–thieves attacks. It could be affected even by your own unintentional actions. Choose us and, there’s nothing to worry about, considering that we have a backup of your site content, which can retrieved whenever you want. What’s more, you’ll be able to make manual backups of your entire web site with just a click through the File Manager, which is located in the Site Control Panel. Our system will successfully restore all of your files and will copy them into a ZIP file, which will be saved in your hosting account.

VPN Access

Secure, private web site browsing

If you would like to stay absolutely anonymous whilst browsing the World Wide Web, we offer you a simple option. With each of our shared website hosting plans, you can acquire Virtual Private Network access. We will route all your incoming and outgoing website traffic through one of our virtual private network data centers, making your electronic footmark untrackable. And you’ll have VPN access regardless of what web–connected device you are using.

30–Day Money–Back Guarantee

A risk–free cloud hosting service. You will get your money back if you are not satisfied

In case, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with the shared website hosting service or with our help desk service, you can make use of our thirty–day money–back guarantee. All you need to do is submit a reimbursement request using our ticketing system and our sales staff members will handle everything. Bear in mind that domain registrations are final and non–refundable.

File Manager

Drag & drop file uploads plus much more

By reason of the drag & drop file upload functionality included in your web hosting Control Panel, you can forget all about FTP clients. Just drop your file in list with files associated with your web site and our Site Control Panel will upload it there. If you upload a ZIP archive, you will be able to extract it with a click. The right–click contextual menus in your File Manager will make you feel as though you’re working with your desktop machine. You can begin working on your site immediately after you sign on.

Multiple Data Centers

Offer the best web site load speeds for all your web site visitors

The data center location directly influences your website’s loading speed, therefore, by picking out a facility that is nearest to your prospective customers, you will ensure the smoothest user experience for them. We offer you a selection of data centers on 3 continents – Steadfast in Chicago, USA; Pulsant in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, Ficolo in Pori, Finland, S3 in Sofia, Bulgaria and Amaze in Sydney, Australia. Each of them offers a stable and safe shared website hosting environment with a 24x7 server monitoring service and a 99.9% server uptime guarantee.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Manage your websites with a single click

It is now easy to take full control over your sites with the state–of–the–art Site Control Panel that we’ve created for you with ease of use in mind. Manage all the web site files with smooth drag & drop actions, register, transfer and control numerous domains from a single location, create e–mail box accounts in an instant, manage e–mail marketing campaigns without difficulty, set up and access your own databases with a click, check site statistics in real time, etcetera. Innovative features like a framework installer, a hotlink protection tool and an .htaccess generator are included as well.

Service Scalability

A cloud web hosting service that can fulfill your requirements

Our shared website hosting platform is completely scalable, which means that you can make full use of the available resources even if the server is under stress or maintenance. Since all important services are taken care of a number of web hosting servers instead of a single one, you will also enjoy faster website loading speeds and a guaranteed performance stability. Additionally, you can further improve your cloud hosting package with additional hard disk space, traffic, MySQL database space, CPU usage, etc. allocations, or move to a more powerful hosting package at any time.

Email Manager

Your one–stop email administration software

The point & click Mail Manager will let you set up brand–new e–mail box accounts, create custom autoresponders, redirect e–mail messages, configure e–mail filters and change the levels of anti–spam protection without difficulty. Plus, in case you are more skillful, you can in addition use the built–in Sender Policy Framework protection option.

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